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Special Greetings,
Precious & Beloved

Daughter of The King!






Welcome, Welcome … to the place that knows that Whose You Are is monumental and Who You Are is so worth Celebrating!


WOMAN OF GOD DAY.ORG … is that place, indeed!

We know that our Heavenly Father knew precisely what He was doing when He made Beautiful, Wonderful, Phenomenal You! Our All-Wise, Benevolent God has filled our hearts with the knowledge of Who you are and His personal thoughts concerning His Lovely Daughters. We know that You are not a second-class citizen just because you are a Woman. We know that Papa God wisely, intricately and strategically made you a Woman on purpose … with Purpose. And our DIVINE MISSION is to see to it that EACH AND EVERY WOMAN OF GOD knows her profound worth and immeasurable value and is celebrated, recognized and honored BY THE ENTIRE BODY OF CHRIST on an unprecedented & historic day that has been CREATED AND NAMED … IN HER HONOR!  Yes, WomanOfGodDay.org is the PLACE where we are Passionately, Purposefully and Proudly:



We are so very, very thankful that our Heavenly Father has directed your path to our site! We have been expecting you! Oh how our hearts leap with joy at your visitation!  This site was carefully designed with raising the bar in Honoring You in mind.  And we pray that as you browse through each “cyber room” that you will be encouraged, inspired and empowered by your visit … and that you will be compelled to come back often, and hopefully tell all your family and friends about us. 



  firmly that the





Yes, Woman of God, We Strongly Believe
that Now IS Your TIME to Shine, Indeed!










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May you be enriched, encouraged and inspired by the Nuggets of Inspiration shown on Page 2 that were chosen especially for Beautiful, Phenomenal, Unstoppable YOU!







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Woman of God Day Logo - TM Ora Stearns Smith