Her Time To Shine


“I want women to know God can use everything the enemy meant for evil in their lives for good. He can take their stories of shame and redeem them — first for their own freedom and then to help others. I want women to know that they are not less than, weaker, second, or not enough. They are created in God’s image — greatly valued, loved, chose, wanted and adored by the Creator of the universe.”  – Christine Caine











“The church of today has not yet seen what God can do
through a generation of passionate women who are
relentlessly on fire for God!”

– Pastor Priji Varghese



Beautiful Tiara


It’s Her Time To Shine!



Beautiful Rose 

Precious Daughter of the King,

“You were Designed for accomplishment,
Engineered for success, 
Endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

– Zig Ziglar







“When God created Woman,

He didn’t create an inferior being.
He created what He delights
to call ‘the Glory of Man!’”




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Could it be, Woman of God

that in the very beginning when your Heavenly Father
woke up the Man of God, Adam, from a deep sleep
and presented you to him that He was in essence
saying that You were His crowning glory,
and that YOU now completed H
is indescribably
breathtaking, divinely framed world?
Could it be?  Selah …

Ribbon Gold




 “If you don’t know who you are,
and if you don’t know why you are,

others will define you.  And if you allow anyone to define you,
other than The One Who made you, then you have given them
license to destroy you.  You must know who you are
and why you are!”

– Rev. Ora Stearns Smith



I Dont' Fit!

There is a reason why YOU never did *fit*

in anyone else’s shoes. And YOU should thank
your Heavenly Father for the
of your Difference!



You Are Royal Daughters of God!  


“If You are not Royalty,
He (Jesus) is not King!”

– Beth Moore
Beyond Anything
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He is my strength when I am weak.  The truth is, He is my strength all the time. Unless I am depending on His Holy Spirit power, I am kidding myself. There is nothing of Kingdom value I can accomplish on my own. But, I find when I am plugged into His power source I accomplish more with less effort. It isn’t me. It can never be me unless I am surrendered to Him each day.”  – Corrie ten Boom



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