God Pause



God Pause


Pause and know WHO
Your GOD is!



Word of God Speak



Be Still and Know that I AM God



What do you really know about the God you serve, and His Divine Word? Do you know His Names, His Attributes, His Character?  When our Heavenly Father declares, “I AM God” … well, what is He really saying? We believe this very Special Video will help you learn a lot more than perhaps you even realized. For once you truly KNOW HIM, you will never be the same!

May you be saturated in His Holy Presence … for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY!  Be Blessed!



Ribbon Gold






I AM … the Lord Your God!




The Names of God


Trust in the Lord


I Am GOD and besides ME,
there is no other God!



in the Beginning



I AM … That … I AM!


Jehovah, I AM


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