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Pastor/Prophet HENRY MEZA


“Oh, Oh, Woman of God
Know, know, Woman of God
Who You really are!

Know the Reality
of  Your True Identity!

You are indescribably

The very Offspring
of Deity!”
– Psalm 151 



Pastor HENRY MEZA - 2015 WOGD

Prophet HENRY MEZA - 2015 WOGD - Psalm 151


Pastor HENRY MEZA - Psalm 151 - WOGD 2015


Prophet Henry Meza - 2015 WOGD





“Oh, oh Woman of God
Know, know Woman of God
You are a partaker
of the Divine Nature

You’re One with your Savior
One with your Maker!”
– Psalm 151



Pastor Tim Henderson


Pastor TIM HENDERSON-Psalm 151-WOGD 2015




Pastor TIM

Ribbon Gold


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