Celebrating the Heart of God



Excerpts from the book, Divinely Framed

by Rev. Ora Stearns Smith




Who Am I?   Who Am I?






Woman of God … You Can Know

Who You Really Are!




You are not an afterthought, and you are not
a second-class citizen. 

But if you don’t know who you are and if you don’t know why you are, others will define you. And if you allow anyone to define you other than The One Who made you, then you have given them license to destroy you.



You Must Know Who You Are!

You are not your yester-pain or your yester-shame.  And you are not the opinions of men!  Do not allow what anyone says about you or even thinks about you to create the atmosphere in which you live.  You are not what they call you, but you are what you answer to!


What Are You Answering To?

Whose words are you allowing to shape and frame your life?


You Are Somebody!

Woman of God, you are Somebody.  You are somebody awesome!  Breathtakingly Awesome!  You are not just common and you are more than ordinary.  You are the very offspring of God Himself!  You are exquisite, magnificent and significant!


Know Your Value!

Do not let anyone put a price tag on you.  And do not ever allow anyone to cheapen you. You are costly.  A pearl of great price.  Your value is immeasurable!  You are a masterpiece.  God’s Masterpiece.  Yes, you are an original from the Mind of Omniscience and you are not a cheap imitation of anything.  Know your true value, Woman of God.  Nothing can devalue you.  Absolutely nothing!



Know You Are Loved!

God is not mad at you. He is mad about you!  The Lord your God, your Heavenly Father, is absolutely wild over you.  Yes, He is.  You are His Darling Daughter and He adores you.  Yes, He does!  You are not someone He has rejected and you are not someone He is ashamed of.  You are the one He longs for, died for and would die all over again for.  You are the one He cannot live without.  You are the one He will move heaven and earth for.  He says whoever touches you, touches Him.  Oh, how He loves you.  Your Heavenly Father takes it very personally when anyone or anything touches you.  He truly is wild over you. Yes, He is!  And nothing you can do can ever change that.  Woman of God, His love for you is unconditional.  His love for you is never-ending, never-changing and everlasting.



Know Who You Really Are!

You are a Child of God and that makes you Somebody Awesome! Precious Woman of God, you are the Daughter of The One Who spoke these worlds into existence.  You are the Daughter of the One Who upholds all things by the Word of His Power.



God's Hands

Do You Know Who You Really Are?

You are not from the seed of man.  You are from the Seed of Omnipotence!  The Spirit of the Lord has made you, and the Breath of the Almighty gives you life.  You are Somebody, indeed!








You Are Divinely Framed!



Divinely Framed



Divinely Framed Woman of God Tee



Woman of God,
You are not a second-class citizen
or an afterthought.
You were made on purpose … with purpose!


Woman of God,
You are BIG in God’s Eyes
and forever intertwined in His Heart. 


Yes, YOU are Big in God’s Eyes indeed,
for after all ..
from YOU came the
very Savior of the World!
– Rev. Ora


Rev. Ora Stearns Smith



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Celebrating the Heart of God