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Born to Sing! 
Tailored-made to Praise!








Mary D. Bibbs




“I will sing to the LORD as long as I live;
I will sing praise to my God
while I have my being.”

– Psalm 104:33




Beautiful Rose

Evangelist MARY D. BIBBS

fell in love early with the Lord Jesus Christ.  She was saved at the age of nine years old and was singing from her heart even earlier, at the precious age of three.  Mary displayed an undeniable talent far beyond her tender years, and it was quite evident to all that she was born to sing and tailor-made by God to praise.


Praise_           Praise the Lord


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Never Stop Praying

Mary’s great love for singing is only matched by her passion for prayer.

This fervent Intercessor is always ready to enter into the Throne Room of Love and Grace on behalf of anyone in need of prayer.   And when she prays, it is as though you’re being bathed in the rich milk of God’s Majestic Love and rinsed in the Honey of His Amazing Grace!


    We have to pray          Continue to Pray


There are numerous admirable things that could easily be expressed about Mary.  She is full of Elegance and Grace.  Gifted.  Brilliant.  Loyal.  Virtuous.  Strong.  Courageous.  Fearless.  Full of Wisdom.  She is also a Seamstress, Designer and a Chef. Everything she does is done in the spirit of excellence and brings great glory to our Heavenly Father.  Yes, she is indeed all these amazing things, but more importantly, Evangelist, Psalmist Mary D. Bibbs is the Beloved Daughter of the Great I Am and an Ambassador for Christ who is knitted in God’s unfailing love and fashioned in His divine compassion.  She is a true representative of the King and His Kingdom.  And when in her presence, you know immediately that Mary’s heart is not divided when it comes to the One True Lover of her precious soul!


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Evangelist Mary D. Bibbs

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