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WOMAN OF GOD DAY … annual Celebration of Honor is Saturday, JULY 21, 2018.




There will always be someone who can’t see Your worth. Don’t let it be YOU!





The Biggest Crime in Any Woman’s Life
s the Theft of Her Identity! 



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This is a day that was long overdue but finally is here.  All Praises to our Darling Papa God!  We are grateful beyond measure for the blessed opportunity to join with our Father as He shines His Royal Spotlight on His Phenomenal Daughters. 



… is an Amazing Thing! We all Desire It!
And We should never Underestimate is Awesome Power!




WOMAN OF GOD DAY was created by REV. ORA STEARNS SMITH, CEO and Founder of ORA INTERNATIONAL.  For many years she had a very strong desire to publicly honor God’s Precious and Beloved Daughters in an over-the-top, *Kingdom style* manner where it was as if God Himself was shining His Heavenly Spotlight brilliantly upon and around her. And this desire did not wane over the years but only intensified.

Rev. Ora shared her vision with a very dear and gifted friend who totally embraced the vision and suggested that she have a day to celebrate God’s Daughters.  But Rev. Ora said that having a day, for only one time, would not suffice.  Celebrating the Woman of God had to be an annual celebration.  And  so began the long, long journey to firstly, trademark the day and then secondly, start a love-movement to get the entire Body of Christ to participate in this day annually. Well, the day, WOMAN OF GOD DAY, was finally trademarked and Rev. Ora has launched CAMPAIGN 720 … JOURNEY TO A MILLION and the LOVE-MOVEMENT is very, very much alive!     



The Woman of God is not ordinary.  And She is not common.  The truth of the matter is, Her Pedigree Is Divine! And this Amazingly Amazing Woman, well, there is absolutely no one like her on any planet!  She is in every moment … the breathtaking view of the tenderness and immeasurable compassion of our Darling El Shaddai.



And it is time for the Woman of God to come forth
from the shadows and really shine!





So many precious Daughters of God have never been openly and corporately honored on a large scale by the Body of Christ for who they are and what they do so freely and unconditionally. And Rev. Ora had an unrelenting desire to do something about it.  She wanted to make sure God’s Royal Daughters receive their “flowers” while they are very much alive and in the land of the living.  Celebrating *HER* importance, value and significance is the God-thing to do and just could no longer be put on the back burner.  Her irrefutable influence and contributions frankly, cannot be denied, minimized or trivialized! 



Let’s examine the Scriptures. How did the Lord
Jesus Christ feel about the “Woman”?


Searching through the Scriptures, Rev. Ora found that Jesus truly had great love, respect and honor for all women, no matter their station in life.  It did not matter where they came from or what kind of lives they had lived.  He had nothing but love for them all!  Let’s look at Mary Magdalene



There are plenty of honorable, loving, well-respected and secure men throughout the Scriptures but there are so many who are not – – like the heartless men who mercilessly “dragged” Mary Magdalene into the presence of Jesus. They insisted that they had caught her in the very act of adultery and according to the law of Moses, she was to be stoned. Strangely, they did not bother to mention or bring the man that she had allegedly committed adultery with. Where was this “married man” anyway? It appears that Mary is a single lady, so where is the married man? Conniving. Wicked. Evil. These accusers most definitely had ulterior motives. They had an agenda and it was to entrap the Master. They needed and were after concrete evidence to use against Him. They had to have something evil to accuse Him of.

And Mary, Mary, Precious Mary … Oh, you can just imagine the shame and absolute humiliation … and paralyzing fear … and shock … that she must have felt as she was violently removed from where she was and placed before Jesus. What would be her plight? Would Jesus agree with her accusers? Would her life come swiftly and brutally to an end?

But Jesus never looked up at her accusers. He mysteriously wrote on the ground. This was not the reaction any of them were expecting. But Jesus, being the Just One that He Is, was grieved and disturbed by the hardness of these men’s hearts. They had treated her grossly and unjustly. 

Jesus was not surprised; He knew who they were and what their hidden agenda was. He spoke finally and what He said, well, that one statement from the Lord Jesus Christ exposed their hypocrisy and brought to naught their wicked plans.

Jesus said“If any of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”  Their mouths probably fell to the same floor where Mary stood trembling at Jesus’ feet. Oh, it is so true – just one word from The Master changes everything!  And like a master marksman, the words spoken to Mary’s accusers by our Benevolent Lord, pierced through the center of their stone-cold hearts. And they could not say a mumbling word. They all cowardly, silently, quickly left one by one from the greatest of them to the least of them. Not one of these men were left standing in the presence of Jesus because none of them were without sin. None of them were qualified to cast any kind of stone at Mary.  






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