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“You are not a second-class citizen just because You are a Woman.
God made You a Woman … on purpose … with purpose.” 
 Rev. Ora Stearns Smith







SATURDAY ~ JULY 15, 2017









You are not a second-class citizen just because You Are A Woman!  The Almighty & Benevolent God, HE made You a Woman on purpose with Purpose. Your Heavenly Father has stamped His Holy Approval all over Beautiful You. He has declared who you are. And He has affirmed who you are even before the foundation of the world. Oh, Precious & Beloved Daughter of God, You are first-class all the way, every day!

And this is the extraordinary and unique place where our Divine Mission is to help raise the bar higher than it has ever been raised before when it comes to honoring God’s Treasured Daughters.

Every Woman of God Matters supremely and firstly to our Heavenly Father! We are here to see to it that each and every WOMAN OF GOD knows precisely how our Darling Papa God feels and thinks about her.  She is to be valued and respected. She is to be celebrated, recognized and honored. And it goes without saying that she is to be loved especially by and throughout the entire Body of Christ.



Help us spread the word about WOMAN OF GOD DAY, the unprecedented & historic DAY that has been created and named in the WOMAN OF GOD’S HONOR


Yes, this is the PLACE where we are
Passionately, Purposefully & Proudly:

The Very Best of the Heart of God!








Amazing Daughters of The King, what can we expect from
our Darling Papa God in the brand-new year? The Psalmist 
expressed it so wonderfully in Psalm 65:11 below:

“You crown the year with Your goodness,
and Your paths drip with abundance.”


   As a Woman thinketh, so is SHE!



Woman of God Day
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* July 15, 2017 * 





“Nobody can make You feel inferior without your permission.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt





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